Strawberry Thyme Ice Cubes

Strawberry Thyme Ice Cubes

You may eat your strawberries simply or in a classic strawberry and cream dish. And, of course, there are plenty more strawberry dishes below, ranging from drinks to salads to, of course, desserts. To kick off the festivities, Shari's Berries has a fun and delightful recipe for Strawberry Thyme Ice Cubes. Cocktails, iced tea, punch bowls, sparkling water, water pitchers, and soft drinks like Ginger Ale, 7-Up, and Fresca can all benefit from them. 



18 medium-sized fresh strawberries 

 Ice cube tray

6 fresh thyme sprigs (substitute basil chiffonade)

Pestle and mortar 


The slower the cubes melt, the larger they are. 

The quantity will vary depending on the size of the strawberries and the amount of ice cubes


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